Philips BT3241/15 Smart Beard Trimmer – Power adapt technology for precise trimming- 20 settings; 90 min run time with Quick Charge

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Last updated on July 3, 2023 12:07 am
  • Upto 90 minutes cordless use after 1 hour charging
  • Tackles dense, bushy and long beards for a precise, even trim
  • Easy to use: Corded and Cordless usage
  • 20 lock-in length settings, 0.5 – 10mm with 0.5mm precision with Titanium coated blades
  • Titanium coated blades remain as sharp as on day one
  • Skin friendly rounded tip blades, No heating and Skin Cuts
  • 30% faster cutting with Lift & Trim system
  • Long lasting performance – 2 plus 1 Year warranty after registration

7 reviews for Philips BT3241/15 Smart Beard Trimmer – Power adapt technology for precise trimming- 20 settings; 90 min run time with Quick Charge

2.3 out of 5
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  1. BBM

    purchased it on 25/11/2018. Today is 14/01/2019. Used it only 4-5 times till now. The piece is either has a weak motor or its blades are not sharp enough or something wrong with the product itself. Upon receiving the new product from amazon, I went through the manual, charged it fully as per manual before its 1st time use. before using it the first time, I removed the blades as i noticed there was some cream on it. i noticed more cream inside around the rotating motor that moves the blades. Curious, I researched on the internet and realised that this was normal and the company puts it on the product for some reason. So after full charge i used it and thought it worked fine. The real deal – The next time i recharge and used it i starting getting this plucking feeling and it was hurting me to trim my beard. The same happened the time after and again. to trim a short beard, it took me half an hour because i had to go extremely slow and still i would get that plucking feeling and it would be as if the hair is getting caught in the trimming blade/teeth but the blades are unable to cut the hair (like how it would be if battery is super low). So i am now contacting the Philips c. care. Lets see how helpful that is!! Note: I usually trim my beard when the hair is about 1-1.5 cms long ONLY. So i don’t really keep a long beard to trim. Trimmer setting kept at 1 or 2. Now if the trimmer cant trim this length easily then it is a pretty HORRIBLE trimmer. I have used BRAUN and REMINGTON (both purchased overseas) and feel that either the Indian trimmers are crap or i am unlucky to receive such a poor quality product from PHILIPS.

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  2. BBM

    Sealed from above. But had been opened from bottom.
    I am very unhappy, as the trimmer box was sealed from above..but open from the bottom end. This makes me think twice weather the item is genuine or not !

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  3. Vishav

    I used to have QT4011 and it lasted me about 5 years. I really liked it. Never gave me any cuts, bruises or any unpleasant experience. Had i been a little bit more careful it would have lasted another 5 years. BT 3221 is also very good. I like the dark color, the fast charging option. The precision setting roller is much more smooth than the one on QT4011. You can change settings with your thumb easily. The comb is of a very good quality. It is much better than its predecessor. Although i must say the lift and trim system does not really give any added advantage, it is just normal. You feel any difference, it is just a placebo effect. This trimmer gives you a clean neck line, just use it properly against the grain. A clean shave with razor can give you rash, bumps, ingrown hair and itchiness. Why bother? Over and above that you’ll be spending a ton of money on gel, aftershaves, brushes, cartridges and so on. 0.5mm is very comfortable, not a big issue but a 0.25 mm setting would definitely be icing on cake. I would also be very happy if philips can add a 10-20mm comb with this trimmer and make this comb available for existing BT3221 users at a reasonable price. A 0.25 mm precision setting would also be very useful like i said. No other complaints as such. These are just my observations having used these products over past few years. Hopefully Philips can look forward to these changes. Thank you once again for this wonderful trimmer. God bless.

    Update- Using since past few months. Excellent quality. No issues at all.

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  4. ashish

    Hi there ,
    Philips has come up excellent product for men. (Women also can use 😉). Quality of product is very good. Plastic and build quality is excellent. Ergonomics are well thought and design is par excellence.
    What you get in box?
    1. Trimmer with comb and its power adapter (2 pin)
    2. Manual and guarantee certificate (Non stamped of course)
    3. Brush / cleaner
    4. Pouch (quality if this isn’t that good. Don’t expect much with this item, pouch provided in box was torn at two places. Had to stich it)
    Performance :
    When product arrived, the charge in battery was out (indicated with flashing orange/red LED)
    I kept for charging exactly 60mins. It got fully charged. LED is provided to let user know of charge.
    It has precision cutting blades of 10 precision lengths.
    Blades are Titanium coated (as per claim. Not tested & verified.You can believe it though).Cutting actions are very smooth and sharp.
    Maintenance :
    Cleaning can be done with brush and also with water. Avoid directly cleaning under the tap. You can do but avoid it.
    Usage :
    Corded and cordless usage can be made without any fuss.
    Comparison :
    Comparing it with QT411. There isn’t much difference. Price would be one factor, battery indicator second. But for me the major difference why one should pick this over QT411 is the ergonomic. This feels way better in hand than QT411. Excellent to hold and use it.
    Registration :
    Register product at Philips website and avail one year extra warranty/guarantee. Serial number would be on trimmer back / base panel. Just add serial number but not w/o “/Alphabet”. Format would be “NNNN/Alphabet”
    Highly recommended.

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  5. Vikas Singh

    I have reached product with open box & product quality is not up to the mark as expected from Philips. Trimmer is making so much noise.. It seems it was already used or refused product.. Bad job amazon + Philips

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  6. Ashan

    The trimmer works pretty awesome and the delivery was also scheduled but the condition of the product was not good when I received it, the box was broken from the bottom and the content in the packet was wandering like anything………


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  7. Vikas Singh

    I received an open trimmer from Amazon. A the worst part was it was a clear theft. The box was sealed but it was torn from behind
    And very cleverly the brush is removed and it can be seen the trimmer is also used.
    Amazon is not taking responsibility and I have complained to Philips to the highest level possible. AmazOn is not replacing it and saying to reorder it again with high prizes.

    I will escalate to Philips to highest level possible that Amazon is Opening seal from behind and taking out things.
    This has happened two times consecutively
    SHAME on AMAZON !!

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    Philips BT3241/15 Smart Beard Trimmer – Power adapt technology for precise trimming- 20 settings; 90 min run time with Quick Charge
    Philips BT3241/15 Smart Beard Trimmer – Power adapt technology for precise trimming- 20 settings; 90 min run time with Quick Charge


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